Electric Vehicle


Electric Vehicles (EV Applications)

Styler’s Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Line solutions for the electric vehicles (EV) sector are designed to boost the efficiency and stability of the welding result. Our automation solutions provide you the tools to increase production capacity and makes you stand out from your competitors.

All lines are designed according to client’s production capacity needs and floorplan. The Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Line solutions apply to different EV applications:

2-Wheelers i.e., e-bike, e-scooters, e-motorcycle, or other applicable vehicles
3-Wheelers i.e., e-three-wheeled cars, e-rickshaw, or other applicable vehicles
4-Wheelers i.e., e-car, e-loaders, e-forklifts, or other applicable vehicles

With our customer-oriented core value and passion on the welding technology, Styler would only deliver lithium battery pack assembly line solutions that fulfills your production capacity requirement, quality, and floorplan needs.