In daily life, what are the battery pack products you haven’t thought of?

“Other than electric cars, products that require battery packs and are more consumer-oriented include:

1.Smartphones and Tablets: Mobile devices typically rely on batteries as their primary power source, allowing users to operate without being tethered to a power outlet.

2.Portable Audio Devices: Products like wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and portable music players often require batteries to function.

3.Personal Health and Fitness Devices: Items such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and electric toothbrushes also utilize batteries.

4.Portable Gaming Consoles: Devices like the Nintendo Switch and other portable gaming consoles need batteries to power gameplay.

5.Cameras and Camcorders: Many portable cameras and camcorders rely on battery packs for power.

6.Drones: Some consumer-grade drones require batteries to provide flight power.

7.Portable Tools: For instance, electric screwdrivers, handheld vacuum cleaners, and other portable tools also use batteries.

8.Portable outdoor power supply: With the recent craze in camping activities, many camping equipment require power support, so the demand for outdoor power supply is also increasing.

These products are common in the consumer market and rely on battery packs to provide power, enabling them to be more portable and versatile.”

Styler, we are a company specializes in Spot / Laser welding machine, and has been developing in the lithium battery welding industry for 20 years. BYD, EVE and SUMWODA are our Long term customers.

What machine from Styler can weld these battery pack ?

* Styler standard table galvanometer welding machine

1. Soft-packed polymer battery welding;

2. Nickel transfer batch welding application

3. Welding of battery busbars, tab connections, explosion-proof valves, flip sheets, etc.

4. Welding of 3C electronic components;

5. Welding applications such as hardware and auto parts;

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*3000W Frame Galvancmeter Laser Welding Machine (Customized Power 1000w-6000w)

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1.Soft pack polymer battery welding

2.Nickel-to-nickel batch welding applications

3.Welding Application of Connection Pieces for Square Aluminum Shell Batteries

4.Auto parts and other hardware welding applications

* 7 Axis Automatic Spot welding Machine

1.Automation equipment specially developed for dual-station welding to improve efficiency when welding directions are inconsistent.

2.Suitable for welding multiple portable tool battery packs

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Battery packs play a vital role in these C-end products, bringing portability and flexibility to users while also promoting continuous innovation in technology. As technology advances, we can expect higher-capacity, longer-lasting battery packs to bring better performance and user experience to future products.

Post time: Nov-27-2023