25mm Factory custom service welding head

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The transistor type power supply welding current rises very fast and can complete the welding process in a short time, with a small heat affected zone and no spatter during the welding process. It is most suitable for ultra-precise welding, such as fine wires, button battery connectors, small contacts of relays and metal foils.

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Styler Cheap Price Welding Head (2)

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Styler have a professional engineering and technical service team, provide lithium battery PACK automatic production line, lithium battery assembly technical guidance, and technical training.

We can provide you with a full line of equipment for battery pack production.

We can provide you with the most competitive price directly from the factory.

We can provide you with the most professional after-sales service 7*24 hours.

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25mm Factory custom service welding head

Transistor spot welding machine welding current rises very fast, can complete the welding process in a short time, the welding heat affected zone is small, and the welding process has no spatter. It is most suitable for ultra-precision welding, such as thin wires, such as button battery connectors, Small contacts and metal foils of relays.

Why do customers choose to cooperate with us?

Our company has 16 years of production experience,with superior quality and good after-sales service

How long does it take to respond to customer inguiries?

We have multiple online business peoplethe response is usually <2 hours

How do we control product quality?

What is the satisfaction of after-sales service? We will guarantee the quality of the machine,and perform a second test on the machine before leaving the warehouse to ensure thateach set of equipment runs well, and provide long-term after-sales service to 100% customer satisfaction.

Can I customize the machine?

Yes, you can.We can provide you with customized services according to your needs but we need to provide detailed design documents.

Are you a manufacturer and trading company?

We are a manufacturer and trading company with 16 years of experience in new energy industry, and have 10 year exporting experience to more than 60 countries.

What is your warranty terms?

We provide a 1 years warranty for our machines,and long-term technicial support.

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