IPV200 Resistance Welding Machine

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Resistance welding is a method of pressing the workpiece to be welded between two electrodes and applying current, and using the resistance heat generated by the current flowing through the contact surface of the workpiece and the adjacent area to process it to the molten or plastic state to form metal bonding. When the properties of welding materials, plate thickness and welding specifications are certain, the control accuracy and stability of welding equipment determine the welding quality.

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Primary constant current control, constant voltage control, mixed control, ensuring the diversity of welding. High control rate: 4KHz.

Up to 50 stored welding patterns memory, handling different workpiece.

Less welding spray for a clean and fine welding result.

High reliability and high efficiency.

Product Details


Parameter attribute

 MO DEL IPV100 IPV200 IPV300 IPV500
ELEC  TRICAL  PARAMETERS max curr:1500A max curr:2500A max curr:3500A max curr:5000A
ELEC TRICAL PARAMETERS no-load volt: 7 .2V no-load volt:8.5V no-load volt  9 no-load volt:10V
input: 3 phase  340~420VAC  50/60Hz
 CONTROLS  primarily  const   curr,  const . volt , mixed contro volt:00.0%~99 .9%
CONTROL ACCURACY  curr:200~1500A  curr:400~2500A curr:400~3500A  curr:800~5000A
    slow  rising  1,  slow  rising  2:00~49ms
    welding   time   1:00~99ms;welding   time   2:000~299ms
    slow down time  1  ; slow down time 2:00~49ms
 detected  peak  curr  value:  0-8000
 TIME SETTING     pressure  contact  time:    0000~9999ms
  welding  pole  cooling  time:  000~999ms
 holding  time  after  welding:  000~999ms
 EX.SIZE  215(W)X431(     D)X274(H)mm
PACKING SIZE   280(W)X530(     D)X340(H)mm
 GW      17KG   23KG 

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Popular Science Knowledge

This pneumatic spot welding machine is mainly used for 18650 cylinder call pack welding, it can weld Nickel tab thickness from 0.02-0.2 mm with good welding effect.

The Pneumatic model is with smaller volume and weight, easy for international shipping.

Sinlge point needle can be used for Ni tab weld with Stainless steel case.

1. Microcomputer control, CNC current adjust.

2. High precision welding power.

3. Digital tube display, keyboard control, welding parameters flash storage.

4. Double pulse welding, make welding more firmly.

5. Small welding sparks, solder joint uniform appearance, the surface is clean.

6. Welding times can be set.

7. Can set preloading time, the holding time, time to rest, the welding speed can be adjusted.

8. Large power, stable and reliable.

9. Double needle pressure adjustable separately, Suitable for different thickness of Nickel strip.

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