IPV100 Resistance Spot Welding Machine

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The transistor type power supply welding current rises very fast and can complete the welding process in a short time, with a small heat affected zone and no spatter during the welding process. It is most suitable for ultra-precise welding, such as fine wires, button battery connectors, small contacts of relays and metal foils.

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Primary constant current control, constant voltage control, mixed control, ensuring the diversity of welding. High control rate: 4KHz.

Up to 50 stored welding patterns memory, handling different workpiece.

Less welding spray for a clean and fine welding result.

High reliability and high efficiency.

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Resistance welding is a method of pressing the workpiece to be welded between two electrodes and applying current, and using the resistance heat generated by the current flowing through the contact surface of the workpiece and the adjacent area to process it to the molten or plastic state to form metal bonding. When the properties of welding materials, plate thickness and welding specifications are certain, the control accuracy and stability of welding equipment determine the welding quality.

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