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The transistor type power supply welding current rises very fast and can complete the welding process in a short time, with a small heat affected zone and no spatter during the welding process. It is most suitable for ultra-precise welding, such as fine wires, button battery connectors, small contacts of relays and metal foils.

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The medium frequency inverter DC resistance welding control power supply is composed of single-phase or three-phase alternating current, which becomes pulsating direct current through the rectifier circuit, becomes medium frequency square wave through the inverter circuit composed of power switching devices, is connected to the transformer, and is rectified into less pulsating direct current after step-down, which is supplied to the electrode for welding the workpiece.Inverter usually adopts current feedback pulse width modulation to obtain stable constant current output.The medium frequency inverter spot welding machine has superior performance and is suitable for welding thin metal parts with high thermal conductivity and fine workpieces.

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Characteristics of IST inverter DC spot welder

 Induct load voltage and control constant current by feedback to realize high-quality welding.

The power on mode of pre heat and main heat shall be preheated before welding to ensure stable welding quality.

Maintain the continuity of energy density, shorten the welding time, and reduce the deformation and discoloration of base metal (the welding time is controlled in microsecond unit and the mode of continuous output).

Easy to change from low current to high current, suitable for precision welding.

The upper and lower limits of current can be set to simply judge whether the welding quality is good or not. It is suitable for welding automation instruments.

The welding current increases with the power on time to ensure the welding results.

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 Performance characteristics of gantry inverter DC spot welder

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High current inverter DC spot welding power supply is adopted, and the welding performance is stable.

The split design is adopted, and the height and position of the welding head are adjustable.

Gantry structure, suitable for electric vehicle battery pack, automobile battery module, balance vehicle battery pack, scooter battery pack, mobile power supply, starting battery pack module, electric tool battery pack, notebook battery pack, etc.


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Lithium Battery Assembly Automation Line,Battery Spot Welding Machine,Battery Sorting Machine,Battery Comprehensive Tester System,Battery Aging Cabinet

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We have a strong technical R&D team and have been working in the lithium battery assembly and manufacturing industry for many years with rich experience. The company now has a variety of specifications and models of machinery and equipment, various series

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